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Senior Home Care Franchise Opportunities: Find Personal and Professional Satisfaction 

Looking for a franchise opportunity that will lead to a sustainable and profitable income? Want to offer your community a helpful and necessary service? With our senior home care franchise opportunities, it’s possible to find professional and personal satisfaction at the same time. 
Senior care franchises make being your own boss possible. You can do something you enjoy, have the flexibility you need, AND you can give back to your community. We can’t think of a better and more rewarding way to spend our working lives. 
So why is healthcare for the elderly such a perfect opportunity over any other industry? Here are just a few reasons why elderly care franchises offer an excellent way to own your own business. 

Give Seniors Their Independence 

Just a few short years ago, elderly people needed constant family care or a nursing home once independent living became untenable. However, assisted living is giving seniors the opportunity to stay in their homes for many years longer by providing basic living help, such as cooking, cleaning and help with taking medications. 
The great thing about these franchise business opportunities is that budding entrepreneurs are given the chance to not only make some incredible money, but also provide a service that seniors truly need and are thankful for. There’s nothing like the feeling of making a living by helping others! 

Demand for Senior Care = Soaring

With average life expectancies on the rise, demand for assisted living solutions will only increase. Currently, 12.4% of the U.S. population is 65 or over. This figure is expected to double by 2026. 
Senior home care franchise opportunities provide an excellent way to fill a clear market gap that is only going to see an upward trend in demand. They are already amongst the most profitable franchises around, so it’s already a viable business that is only going to get better. 

Assisted Living is Cheaper than Nursing Homes

Assisted living is popular not only due to the independence it gives seniors, but also due to the significantly lower costs. The average annual cost of an assisted-living facility resident hovers around 50% of someone living in a nursing home. 
With the current state of the economy and the constant budget cuts, it’s clear that people will be looking for a low-cost alternative wherever possible. Assisted living facilities are a great alternative, as nursing home care is often not even necessary for many seniors. Combine and excellent service with an affordable price point and you have the recipe for success.

I have been with Heaven Heights for almost a year. I moved here to Palm Springs area and I couldn't ask for better services. I have a very slow developing neurological disease and I require 24 hour care. I've gotten progressively worse... Larry Berg Palm Springs CA
My name is Catherine Bigler. I am the wife of Stuart Bigler, that you just saw first. And We are very delighted with Heaven Heights. It has been wonderful for us. We started off a little bit rocky because we had David, but we adore him... Catherine Bigler Palm Springs CA
Roberts, that's my name and everybody seems to learn it very fast. I was a little red headed boy with freckles and I grew into a man who is a hospital and told I could not go home so I had to find a place to go to to live and in walked in this woman... Roberts Palm Desert CA

Home Based Franchises: Work Anywhere

If you’re looking to run your business entirely from home, then assisted care franchises are certainly worth looking into. They’re ideal for people that need the flexibility in their working lives. Say goodbye to your standard 9 to 5 office job. 

Support From Proven Assisted Living Senior Care Service

The main problem with most franchise opportunities is that you simply won’t get the support you need to succeed. We buck that trend by actually having the example of a successful senior home care business to support you throughout. 
Heaven Heights Senior Care has been in business since 2010 and was founded by Jaqueline Hawk, who herself has over 15 years experience in the healthcare industry. This expertise means that you not only get the support you need, but you will avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that beginners often make when starting their own franchises. We’ll make sure you have all the tools and guidance to make your business a success from Day 1. 
We’re offering you the chance to run your own business with the support from a leading brand that has the expertise and know-how necessary to make real and viable business opportunities for entrepreneurs. These are just a few of the advantages: 
- Low barrier to entry: It needs to be easy and quick to get things moving, without a multitude of forms, paperwork, and bureaucratic barriers. 
- Affordable Franchises: You don’t want the investment required to be too high, especially if you’re just starting out. 
- Support from a Leading Brand: It’s impossible to succeed unless you have the backing from a proven company with an impeccable track record. 
- NO experience necessary: You can get started even without ever having been in contact with the senior care industry. 
We provide everything you need to get you started, as well as all the support you need throughout. Our health care franchise opportunities for assisted living care are an ideal way to jump-start your entrepreneurial career and give you a sustainable and profitable income. 

How to Open a Franchise

Convinced? We knew you would be. Starting is simple and we’ll guide you every step of the way. We’ll show you how to buy a franchise, how to avoid common mistakes and how to get up and running in no time at all. Just fill in the form and we’ll send you 100% FREE information to help you on your way to a new way of life. 

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